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  Whether you are a regular rider relying on the BUS as  

 your only means of transportation, a student, an occasional 

 rider saving on your total transportation costs, or one of our specialized transportation customers relying on the DART system --- you deserve the best possible service and the Belle Urban System (BUS) team is dedicated to providing just that.
Willie McDonald,
Belle Urban System General Manager








Welcome to the Belle Urban System




   The "DAY PASS" are available NOW. You can buy the Day Pass on the Bus or selected outlets. Piggly Wiggly on Washington Avenue, both Nelson's Variety Store's, Pick N Save's at Rapids Drive and HWY 31 and Durand Avenue and at the Bus Office at 1900 Kentucky Street.  As you may know we no longer sell tokens.  We will continue to honor tokens already in your possession for a Limited Time. 


PLEASE NOTE:   Mount Pleasant YMCA area and Racine Correctional Problems    --- Our efforts to maintain a stop as close as possible to the Mount Pleasant YMCA and to provide direct service to the Racine Correctional Institute have encountered difficulties.  Until Further Notice Route 27 buses will not have a stop on Corporate Drive near Fountain Hills Drive and the closest stop to the West YMCA will be the Aurora Medical Building stop.  Direct access to Racine Correctional will not be able to be provided and the closest stop will be Rayne Road.  We apologize for any inconvenience and we are working at trying to resolve operational issues with various parties. 


  Fares for Dart will increase to $4.00 October 5, 2014. 


 We now have a new way to map a trip on The BUS.  Go to your search site and type in Google Transit and once that page come up, type the start of your trip and the end destination and it will let you know what routes to take. We hope you find this a convenent way of finding what Routes to use on The Belle Urban System.  Thank you all for your support of THE BUS.



 “Why is the BUS important – Racine Interfaith Coalition Powerpoint” 



Effective January 1, 2015 TOKENS will no longer be accepted as payment for BUS fare.  Please plan to use up all BUS tokens that you have before that date!!!   






Until further notice, Route 1 northbound will NOT take Charles Street to Carlton Avenue.  It will take Charles Street and turn left onto Harmony Drive and the turn left onto Douglas Avenue.  The bus will layover by the Burger King on Douglas Avenue. 




The Transit Center will be having some of the cement pads replace.  There will be changes to where the Buses will be laying over.  The Routes 7, 20, and 86 will be located on the fare east side of the Transit center starting either November 12th or 13th, 2014.   

Title VI Complain Process

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