Benefits of The BUS

Benefits In addition to just wanting to get to your destination, there are plenty of reasons to ride The BUS. Having affordable, safe and reliable public transportation in Racine gives all members of the community access to shopping, schools, medical appointments, recreation, museums and more. As an affordable means of transportation, you can get around without paying high gas prices, car payments or maintenance or repairs. In fact, it actually saves you money compared to driving.


But economics and accessibility are just part of why The BUS
works for Racine - it's also good for our environment. Consider
that just one person riding instead of driving for a year keeps
9.1 pounds of hydrocarbons, 52.5 pounds of carbon monoxide
and 4.9 pounds of nitrogen oxides from polluting the air. That
keeps our air cleaner in the community. In addition, that same
person that year saves 200 gallons of gasoline from being used.


Carbon FootprintFind out just how much you are reducing your carbon footprint by riding
the bus instead of driving with the new Carbon Footprint Calculator on The new calculator compares driving your car to
riding the bus and calculates the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2)

emissions of each and the amount you reduce your carbon footprint by when you choose the bus.


While riding The BUS you save money, but you also can save time. Just use that time on the bus to read, work, relax,
or just think about things. It's your uninterrupted time to do things you can't do when driving or sitting in heavy traffic.


With more than 900 places around the Racine area to get on board, The BUS will get you where you want to go - it's
a service you can depend upon, benefit from and afford.


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