Adults (18-64)  


 Youth Fare (6-17) with valid school identification  


 Children (0-5) Free when accompanied by an adult           


 Senior Citizen (65 & Over)  requires proof of eligibility, drivers license or Medicare card  


 Disabled    requires proof of eligbility,  Medicare card or ADA card      

 Valid Medicare Card Holder     picture ID may be required            $1.00 


Transfers are available and are free of charge. Please have exact fares; the driver does not make change.




 30 Day Regular Pass                                          


 30 Day Reduced Pass  requires proof of eligiblity, ADA card 


 10-Ride Pass 





  *Reduced Passes are available at the City Clerks Office, in City Hall and at The City Bus, 1900 Kentucky Street.

   All new Belle Urban System buses are wheelchair accessible. 

   Some Pass outlets have 10-Ride Passes for sale. See link below for outlets.

  You can use your 30 Day Pass for unlimited rides from the first time you swipe it and for 30 day after. No change or transfers needed--simply climb aboard, swipe your pass and relax. 

   View a listing of ticket outlets or BUS Pass outlets.

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